Chickpea (aka Garbanzo Bean) Recipes

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Chickpea consumption has been associated with a decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease. They also taste pretty good, especially in the recipes we're sharing below.

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The Best Garbanzo Bean Stew

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Serve a generous bowl of this soup with your favorite bread as the 25% part of the meal.

75% fiber foods – onions, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, garlic, tomato, potato, garbanzo beans, fresh parsley
25% foods – egg, bread, oil

Recipe Note: Use only 1 tablespoon of olive oil to keep the fat at healthy levels.

Hummus Vegetable Wrap

Make it a Full Plate Meal: This simple throw-together, no-cook lunch is perfect for on-the-go meals. Pack an apple for dessert.

75% fiber foods – hummus, sweet peppers, cucumbers, greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, chives, apple
25% foods – sprouted grain tortilla

Sweet Potato Chickpea Sheet Pan Dinner

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Pair your roasted veggies and chickpeas with brown rice for this fiber-rich dinner. You can pick your own 25% food. A cookie would be nice.

75% fiber foods – chickpeas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, red onion, parsley, cilantro, brown rice
25% foods – olive oil, cookie

Chickpea Scramble

Make it a Full Plate Meal: This high fiber breakfast is a good way to start your day. It's blood sugar friendly too.

75% fiber foods – onion, garlic, chickpeas, fresh parsley, avocado, spinach
25% foods – olive oil

Roasted Chickpea Avocado Salad

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Pack your salad in a jar, and top with dressing right before eating. 

75% fiber foods – kale, avocado, chickpeas
25% foods – dressing, hemp seeds

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