Kidney Bean Recipes

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Bowl of kidney beans

Here are 5 delicious ways to add more kidney beans to your meals. Plus 1 idea for how to serve them at parties. Studies show consuming common beans such as kidney beans reduces the chances of colon cancer, helps weight management and leads to better blood sugar control.

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Eggplant and Kidney Bean Stew

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Serve the kidney bean stew atop healthier mashed potatoes. This leaves the 25% plate wide open for chicken or tofu.

75% fiber foods – kidney beans, eggplant, onion, garlic, tomatoes, tomato paste, potatoes, cauliflower
25% foods – oil, Earth Balance Buttery Spread, chicken/tofu

Chimichurri 3 Bean Salad

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Plate your salad as a side to an open faced chicken salad sandwich. Don't eat chicken? Use this chickpea spread instead. A bunch of grapes would finish this lunch off nicely.

75% fiber foods – garlic, jalapeño, cilantro, fresh parsley, fresh oregano, chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, bell pepper, red onion, chickpea spread, lettuce, tomato, grapes
25% foods – whole wheat bread, chicken salad

Creole Red Beans and Rice

Make it a Full Plate Meal: This one pot dish is already a 75% plate meal, just double up on the veggies to ensure it stays that way. Want to add more fiber? Choose a fruit for dessert. A peach would be nice. 

75% fiber foods – brown rice, onion, celery, bell pepper, carrot, garlic, kidney beans, fresh parsley, fruit  
25% foods – sausage 

Recipe Note: If you don't eat meat, use Field Roast Italian Sausage. You can find it in the produce section at your grocer, next to the tofu.

Sweet Potato Kidney Bean Power Bowl

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Prepare this meal as directed in the recipe. Use quinoa instead of couscous to keep 75% foods in their space.

75% fiber foods – fresh parsley, lemon zest, jalapeño, sweet potatoes, red pepper, corn, kidney beans, avocado, quinoa
25% foods – cashews, olive oil, honey, couscous

Kidney Bean Tacos

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Serve two tacos with a side of fajita veggies and fat-free refried beans.  

75% fiber foods – kidney beans, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, mushrooms, bell peppers, fat-free refried beans
25% foods – whole wheat tortillas, olive oil

Recipe Note: Use corn tortillas if you're trying to control blood sugar levels or are gluten-free.

Easy Kidney Bean Spread

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Use this spread for a charcuterie board at parties filled with bean spreads and a variety of roasted and raw veggies. I also like to add a few sections of fresh fruit like strawberries and grapes. This leaves the 25% of the plate open for dessert.

75% fiber foods – kidney beans, parsley, red chili, garlic, bean spreads, fresh and roasted veggies, fresh fruit
25% foods – olive oil, dessert

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