Full Plate Living Nutrition and Weight Loss Programs Offered at No Cost

Healthrageous has partnered with The Ardmore Institute of Health to offer Full Plate Living programs free of charge.

Full Plate Living helps you get healthier by adding more whole, unprocessed, fiber-rich foods to meals you're already eating. It’s a small step approach that can lead to big health outcomes.

Programs include:

Yummy - The 12 week menu makeover so you can find healthy meals you love.

Weight Loss Program - Get a boost on your weight loss goals with these 16 doable lessons.

Better Blood Sugar – Doable steps you can take today to manage your blood sugar.

A Private Community - A private Facebook support group where you can get your questions answered.

And more!

Enroll today. We are on the journey with you.

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Program Details

Full Plate Living offers guided online programs that provide a fresh approach for better health.

Resources you’ll get for your journey:

The Online Program – Unlimited Access

  • Full Plate’s Signature Video Curriculum
  • Doable Step for Better Blood Sugar Lessons
  • Plus A Proven, 7-Step Process 


  • Full Plate Approved Recipes
  • Meal Planning Videos
  • LIVE Skill Building Workshops
  • Private Facebook Support Group
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Meet Your Instructors

Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN

Don’t let her credentials fool you—Diana is down to earth!. You’ll love Diana’s caring, approachable nature, which somehow coexists with her no-nonsense, to-the point Bostonian flair. She’s an accomplished New York Times best selling author and nutritionist.

Lonnie Carbaugh, MS, LPC, NCC

You’ll appreciate working with Lonnie because he’s experienced both with where you are and where you want to be. Lonnie has lost and permanently kept off 40 pounds, so he empathizes with how challenging losing weight can be. As a licensed professional counselor, Lonnie has helped thousands heal their relationships with food.

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