The Full Plate Living Healthy Holiday Cookbook features recipes designed to help add health to your holiday meals. It is available for free as part of the Full Plate Living Membership thanks to Ardmore Institute of Health. 

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Learn how to eat enough fiber so you can: 

  • Lose weight automatically
  • Have more energy and stamina
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce diabetes risk
  • Avoid diverticulitis
  • Reduce risk of heart attack
  • Control your blood sugar with less fuss
  • Feel good again*


*There are many more benefits of eating enough fiber, but we listed them at the bottom so we could get to the point.

Eating enough fiber is critical for you to enjoy better health and vitality.

Which means if you’re like the average American, you’re missing out on the benefits of eating enough fiber.

That’s why we created the Full Plate Support Membership.

Sure, you could figure out how to eat enough fiber on your own. But it’s so much more doable with an experienced guide!


We believe now more than ever it’s important to be actively making choices to improve health. Therefore, the Ardmore Institute of Health, the parent organization for Full Plate Living, has decided to make the Full Plate Support Membership available to everyone at no cost.

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How Your Membership Works

Diets fail because they’re too hard to follow. So we’ve designed this membership to be fun and simple. Each week you receive an email with Full Plate resources. Plus, we’re giving you access to our experts so you won’t be alone. In the Full Plate Membership, you’ll enjoy:

Meal Planning Course

Instant access to our meal planning course Yummy, with almost 70 slimming recipes.


Delicious recipes so you won’t feel rushed or stuck.

Weight Loss Course

Get a boost on your weight loss goals with these 16 doable lessons.


Join us for workshops for helpful tips and strategies for success.

Blood Sugar Course

Doable steps you can take today to manage your blood sugar.

Private Community

A private Facebook support group where you can get your questions answered.

Who We Are & Why We Care


We’re a non-profit who exists to inspire and empower you so living healthy becomes doable.

How do we do this?

We keep things simple: When concepts are simple, everyone can understand

We show more than we tell: Visuals make concepts easier to remember

We focus on lasting change: Eating habits so enjoyable they can become a way of life

We join you in your world: Instead of just providing information at arm's length

We create community: An instant support network for your journey

Living healthy doesn’t always feel doable, which is why we created the Full Plate Support Membership.

We can help you learn how to eat enough fiber so you can feel great and be healthy.

The Benefits Of Eating Enough Fiber


The longest living people in the world eat a high fiber diet.


People lower their risk for heart disease by eating a high fiber diet.


People lower their chance of diabetes by eating a high fiber diet.


Women lower breast cancer risk by eating a high fiber diet.


People lower the risk of dementia, and depression by eating a high fiber diet.


People also increase healthy gut bacteria by eating a high fiber diet.


And people experience healthy weight loss and keep it off by eating a high fiber diet.

The reward of greater health is worth it!

What have you got to lose? Let's do this.

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