A Simple Step for Better Blood Sugar Control

Has your doctor told you to lower your blood sugar? Or maybe diabetes runs in your family, and you’re wanting to avoid it.

Here’s a simple step you can start using today.

After each meal, go for a 15 minute stroll. Take a quick walk around your block, home, or office. Don’t run, or your body will hold off on digestion. Just walk at an easy pace.

You should start using this strategy because...

When you eat food, your body turns it into blood sugar, which is the fuel that powers your body’s cells. The problem is, the typical American diet is high in processed, refined foods that make A LOT of blood sugar. This leads to big blood sugar spikes after meals, which over time can wear down your pancreas and lead to Type II Diabetes.

Here’s how strolling helps.

Exercise helps our body work up an appetite. And this principle holds true on a cellular level. When you go for a quick stroll after meals, your muscle cells will need more fuel. In other words, they’ll use up more blood sugar. This means a smaller blood sugar spike after you eat.

This one step is a great start to avoiding diabetes or reversing its symptoms.

Full Plate Living is a small-step approach with big health outcomes. It's provided as a free service of Ardmore Institute of Health.

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