Webinar: Implementing Shared Medical Appointments

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Are you interested in teaching lifestyle medicine principles to your patients in a setting where you can be compensated?

Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) make that possible, and if you’re curious about how to implement them in your practice, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

During the free presentation, Dr. Jacob Mirsky presents details on implementing SMAs in medical practices.

He shares his experience running Shared Medical Appointments and helping organizations build Shared Medical Appointment programming to teach:

  • Best practices for implementing SMAs
  • How to recruit patients, select a space, and choose a time
  • Ways to simplify the process with the help of your existing staff
  • Recommendations for working with billing to achieve reimbursement

 You will also learn about the free Full Plate Living Shared Medical Appointment program you can use with your patients.

Click here to access the SMA materials and webinar

Full Plate Living is a small-step approach with big health outcomes. It's provided as a free service of Ardmore Institute of Health.

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