Use This Little Known Cooking Tool - Start Losing Weight Now

Does the idea of spending more time in the kitchen, learning how to make a healthier meal feel overwhelming?

You’re not alone.

But eating healthier doesn’t have to be a full time job.

I’ll show you how below with a little known time-saving tool I love. Plus I’ve included 9 delicious and weight loss friendly recipes so you can try one of these meals tonight if you’d like.

Cooking dinner in a rice cooker is one of the most convenient ways to make a healthy, high-fiber meal because you don’t have to hover over the stove the entire time your food is cooking.

After a practice round or two, you’ll be able to serve up a healthy dinner in the same or less amount of time it took to prepare a regular dinner.

Why you’ll like cooking dinner in a rice cooker

You can do fun, relaxing things while dinner cooks. All the cooking happens in the rice cooker so there’s virtually no stirring or watching the pot. While the the meal is cooking, you can focus on other items that need your attention and return to the kitchen when the timer goes off.

There’s less mess to clean up. Which means more down time out of the kitchen.

One-pot meals are less daunting for beginners. It’s time consuming enough to cook something you know. Committing to make healthier meals can feel like you’re starting from scratch. Using a rice cooker makes the learning curve less daunting because there’s less complexity to get confused by.

9 healthy and delicious rice cooker meals perfect for weight loss

I’ve estimated the prep time and the cook time for you. The cook time isn’t a big deal anymore when you realize you can be elsewhere while your rice cooker does the work.

  1. Save your leftover veggies from an untimely toss - Leftover chicken and vegetable soup (prep time 15 minutes, cook time 15 minutes)
  2. Grandma’s casserole has nothing on this tasty Chicken risotto (prep time 15 minutes, cook time 1 hour. -- your prep time starts after the cook time, so total cook time is still 1 hour)
  3. Take your comfort food to a whole new level with this Wild mushroom barley risotto (prep time 5 minutes, cooking time 20 minutes)
  4. Add a festive twist to taco night with Mexican wild rice (prep time 5 minutes, cook time 40 minutes)
  5. Enjoy the comfort of this bean and vegetable stew with a good book (prep time 10-15 minutes, cook time 30 minutes)
  6. This exotic rice bowl features tofu, an Asian cuisine favorite - Mushroom spinach brown rice (prep time 5 minutes, cook time about 1 hour)
  7. Broccoli and chickpeas make this rice bowl look more like risotto - Broccoli chickpea rice bowl (prep time 5 minutes, cook time about 1 hour)
  8. Warm up your cold chilly nights with Lentil and veggie soup (prep time 10-15 minutes, cook time 45 minutes)
  9. Serve up a new mediterranean favorite - Hearty garlic lentils and kale (prep time 5 minutes, cook time 40-50 minutes)

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