Favorite American Recipes with a Full Plate Twist 😉

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mac and "cheese" with broccoli

American food has a reputation for being extremely unhealthy, but it doesn't have to be. This week, we're revolutionizing comfort foods with high-fiber ingredients. So dig in, and let us know if you find a new favorite. 😋

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5 Ingredient Bean Burgers

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Serve your black bean burger patty as a deconstructed burger bowl – with brown rice, fresh spinach, bell pepper, cucumber, garbanzo beans, and your favorite salad dressing for a fun Meatless Monday option.

75% water-fiber foods – black beans, oats, onion, garlic, brown rice, garbanzo beans, salad, sprouts
25% foods – dressing

Mac and "Cheese"

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Pour your potato and carrot “cheese” over already-cooked chickpea pasta and serve with a side of roasted broccoli for a guilt-free mac and cheese night.

75%water-fiber foods – potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, broccoli
25% foods – almond milk, chickpea pasta

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Feel free to add any other 75% fiber foods as toppings. Olives, chopped red pepper, poblano pepper, green onions, and corn all taste good with this meal. Who doesn’t love nachos for dinner?

75% water-fiber foods – sweet potatoes, black beans, red onion, jalapeño, cilantro, salsa, guacamole, olives, red pepper, poblano pepper, green onions, corn
25% foods – oil, cheese

Pita Bread Pizza

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Let each family member assemble their own pita pizza and serve it with a Tuscan white bean soup for an authentic Italian experience. Add as many of the 75% zone ingredients as you can to create your Full Plate meal.

75% water-fiber foods – bell pepper, onion, mushroom, olives, tomatoes, zucchini, black beans, garbanzo beans, broccoli, spinach, pineapple, corn, jalapeños, white beans, garlic, fresh rosemary
25% foods – whole wheat pita, cheese

Recipe Note: To create a healthier pizza, choose a whole wheat pita and a small sprinkle of cheese for your 25% part of the plate.

Breaded Air-Fryer Chicken or Tofu Dinner

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Serve your air-fried chicken or air-fried tofu with brown rice, a tossed salad, and steamed carrots for a healthier option for this favorite meal.

75% water-fiber foods – brown rice, tossed salad, steamed carrots
25% foods – chicken/tofu, oil

Recipe Note: To ensure the chicken stays in the 25% zone, stick to a serving the size of a deck of cards.

👉 Water-fiber foods are 75% zone foods – whole, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, beans and cooked whole grains. 

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