Fiber On The Menu: Quiznos

Last Friday, our team took to the road and visited 5 eating establishments where we photographed some sample “good idea” meals. One of the choices we made was Quiznos, because everybody likes a good sub now and then.

We weren't disappointed at all at the options offered. Quiznos has a lot of superfoods at their disposal, but we did have to work our magic on two of the meals to give them the little extra umph in satisfaction. And if you visit their website, you'll find that they DO have a section for lighter meals. We were unaware of this until post our visit...although all 3 of our creations were on the list.

Quiznos Fiber Finds

All in all, we ended up ordering 3 meals at Quiznos.

Create Your Own Veggie Guacamole Sub

We used whole wheat bread and asked for just 1/2 of the cheese - mozarella only. We added tomatoes, lettuce, olives, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and guacamole. 455 calories, 8g fiber

Harvest Chicken Salad

We were quite pleased with the Harvest Chicken Salad and ordered it as is. We simply requested for the salad dressing to come on the side. This allows us to drastically cut down dressing calories, which can run up to 360 for a large salad. For the large salad and 1/2 of the dressing - 470 calories, 5g fiber.

Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

We ordered this salad as a wrap and swapped the cheese for guacamole. We also switched the dressing to their low calorie low fat balsamic. 660 calories, 8g fiber

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