Free Digital Kits for Facilitating Small Groups


Share Full Plate Living by hosting an English or Spanish small group either in person or online.


Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? Group Program 

In eight 50 minute sessions, participants will learn how to fill their plate to lose weight by eating more natural fiber-rich foods. More importantly, they will learn 10 tools designed to help them lose weight permanently. Also in this program, participants will find out if they are actually ready to lose weight now, and if not, how to get ready.

English and Spanish Participant Kits Include

The Full Plate Diet Book Digital Package

This intuitive eating guide is the footprint for everything we do.

Participant Guide Download

The 118 page colorful Guide used by each member of the group for personal introspection and fun exercises each session.

Fiber Guide Download

This handbook features over 500 foods and beverages and shows you the fiber grams and even calories per serving.

How to Host a Group Program

Sign up for your Facilitator Kit by clicking below. This kit includes the Facilitator Guide, which is an easy word for word script that provides facilitators exactly what they need to lead each session. This kit also includes everything that’s in the Participant Kit.

  1. Facilitator Kit English:
  2. Facilitator Kit Spanish:

Click here for marketing materials you can modify to promote your group. In your Facilitator Guide you will find emails you can send to your group for reminders. 

Use the following email template to invite your members to join.



Email Body

These facilitator training videos are available to help the person you choose to lead the group. 

Welcome and History

The Role of a Facilitator

Key Concepts

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