PlantWise - An Inspirational Film that Offers Hope for Better Health

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Our parent organization, Ardmore Institute of Health (AIH), works for a future where healthy lifestyles will be the preferred method to prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

One of the ways we support this mission is through our Full Plate Living programs and resources like this member email. AIH also sponsors and provides grants for projects that align with the mission like the newly released PlantWise film. This documentary film is sponsored in part by AIH in partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Eating You Alive, and AdventHealth.

We know the power that whole, unprocessed fiber foods have on individual health and hear about it from members in our Community – more energy, lower cholesterol, better blood sugar, a healthier weight, improved sleep and so much more.

Watch PlantWise now.

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