Zesty Cabbage Medley


This cabbage salad will add as much flavor as it does color to your plate. And if you have a lot of leftovers, just pop it in the oven. Makes the perfect side dish to a hearty meal.


2 cups green cabbage shredded
2 cups red cabbage shredded
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon salt or to taste
1/4 teaspoon pepper or to taste


Shred 2 cups green cabbage and 2 cups purple cabbage and place in large bowl. Add lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Using your hands, mix the salad until the cabbage starts absorbing the lemon juice and oil.

Tastes great chilled. The salad will also keep for about 24 hours if refrigerated in an airtight container.

If you're in a hurry, you can substitute 2 bags of cabbage coleslaw instead of having to chop the cabbage.


Kneading dressing into a salad, especially one with lots of greens (cabbage, kale, swiss chard, spinach, lettuce) enables you to use less dressing for more flavor.

Nutritional data

Yield: 2 Servings

Serving Size: 2 cups

Calories 60 | Fat 2.5g | Sodium 320mg | Total Carbs 10g | Dietary Fiber 3g | Protein 2g


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