[PHOTOS] - 5 Lunches Transformed for Weight Loss

My mother would sometimes pack my Pigs in Space lunchbox for me to take to school. I loved it. Two white tortillas filled with my favorite…ham and cheese! Throw in a side of chips and maybe a fruit rollup and I was set. Ok, as you and I both know, that lunch could have been better but it was simple, quick and she knew I’d eat it. She did the best she knew at that time.

The great thing about Full Plate high fiber foods is they help you add a whole new dimension of flavors and textures to turn familiar unhealthy lunches into deliciously healthy meals you can still enjoy.

Here are 5 lunches made over to delight your taste buds without too much fuss.

Healthier Tuna Salad Sandwich

Typical tuna salad meal: 940 calories & 8g fiber
Healthier tuna salad meal: 513 calories & 19g fiber

Here’s how you can make this meal: Tuna Salad Sandwich Power Up

Powering up a basic tuna salad sandwich only heightens the whole experience. It goes beyond creaminess with the added avocado and the carrots, cucumber and tomato add a chunkiness you’ll love rolling around in your mouth. The best part? You can prep this in about 5 minutes.

The numbers

I could easily eat two tuna salad sandwiches on white bread with a side of chips and a coke for 940 calories and only 8g fiber.

When you Power Up just one of these sandwiches by using whole wheat bread and tossing in all those veggies, you have a more filling meal with 513 calories and 19 grams.

Healthier Sandwich Wrap

Typical sandwich wrap meal: 1025 calories & 8g fiber
Healthier sandwich wrap meal: 457 calories & 19g fiber

Here’s how you can make this meal: Sandwich Wrap Power Up

Wraps have a rep for being “healthy” meals, but are they really? Let's take a look.

The numbers

Our typical turkey and cheese wrap sandwich with a side of chips has 1025 calories and only 8g of fiber. The Doritos and mayo send this meal into atrial fibrillation by jacking the fat up to 117g. Yikes! Let’s give this wrap a leaner and more filling makeover.

Our Power Up wrap plate has 457 calories and 19g of fiber now. Start by choosing a whole wheat wrap. These have a great texture similar to white ones. Then think “What veggies would I like on this?” We added spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and onion. Spreading on hummus is a wonderful way to add creaminess and fiber without a ton of fat. Toss some fruit on your plate for a little something sweet to end the meal with and you’re set!

Healthier Southwest Salad

Typical southwest salad: 703 calories & 8g fiber
Healthier southwest salad: 462 calories & 17g fiber

Here’s how you can make this meal: Southwest Salad Power Up

If you can open a can, you can throw together this Southwest Salad similar to what you’d get at a restaurant. But there are a few tweaks you can make to have a weight loss friendly meal. And next time you’re out to eat, you can ask for it to be made this way.

The numbers

The traditional salad is typically heavy on the meat, cheese and dressing, which puts this meal at 703 calories and only 8g of fiber.

A few additions and tweaks and we’re down to 462 calories and up to 17g of fiber. It all begins with piling on the veggies. Choose veggies you like best and add those. When you mix salsa and guacamole together in a salad, it’s a wonderful creamy dressing. Plus the salsa and guacamole add to your fiber count.

Healthier Chicken Soup

Typical chicken soup meal: 862 calories & 3g fiber
Healthier chicken soup meal: 541 calories & 18g fiber

Here’s how to make this meal: Chicken Soup Power Up Meal Makeover

If you’re willing to give this meal makeover a try, you’ll have lunch set for a few days. Leftovers can be a wonderful thing to save you time in the future. If you’re not a huge fan of eating the same meal two days in a row, freeze the soup to pull out a few weeks later.

The numbers

Your basic can of chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese and a Coke has 862 calories and only 3g of fiber. Not that great and not very filling.

Now you get a bowl full of yumminess, 16 crackers and a pear for 541 calories and 18g of fiber. Now that’s a meal!

Here’s the tasty and slightly spicy chicken soup recipe.

Healthier Hot Dog

Typical hot dog meal: 1098 calories & 10g fiber
Healthier hot dog meal: 694 calories & 19g fiber

Here’s how you can make this meal: Hot Dog Power Up

It’s estimated by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council that Americans eat more than 20 billion hot dogs every year. So, we’re showing you how you can have your hot dog and eat it too. Or at least a fancier, more slimming version you can enjoy guilt free.

The numbers

I’m sure we could all easily down the two hot dogs and fries that clocks in at 1098 calories and 10g of fiber.

We’ve switched it up a little by using a fluffy whole wheat bun and topped the hot dog with chili beans. A side of pasta salad and an apple help get this meal to 694 calories and 19g of fiber.


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