A Tool to Help You Calculate Your Daily Fiber Intake

If you wonder how much fiber you’re eating in a day, we’ve got an app for that. Actually, two!

There are a number of apps and websites you can use as a food diary, but two stand out above the others for tracking fiber. We especially like that they are free.

Our Top 2 Trackers

Give either of these trackers a try for a few days to become more aware about the foods you’re consuming. Tracking food nutrients every day is the surest way get a clear picture of your eating habits. Even tracking for a few days can give you a good idea of how much fiber you're consuming and any adjustments needed to reach the 40 grams per day fiber goal.


  • If you do not not automatically see the amount of fiber after adding foods to your diary, adjust the nutrient or micronutrient setting by adding fiber to the list of data points you see.
  • You will be prompted to upgrade or make in-app purchases. That's not necessary, since the basic food tracker already traces fiber content in your food.
  • The goal for most of these applications is to track calories for weight loss. However, you can use them as just a way to track your food intake. Remember, your goal is to work up to eating 40 grams of fiber a day, mostly from whole fiber foods. Learn more about our 75% Plate Approach.


Tracking Your Fiber with Livestrong's MyPlate

This tracker is the easiest to use. You can quickly setup your fiber goal, which we think is pretty awesome.

Set your fiber goal to 40 grams and see how you progress towards that goal. Remember, slowly work your way up to 40 grams of fiber per day. It’s not a race but a journey.

Visit the website or download the Apple iOS or Android App.


Tracking Your Fiber with MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal has an extensive food database. You can track everything you put in your mouth daily, from an apple to restaurant fare to your own recipe, which you can choose to add to the database. Always wondered how grandma’s soup stacks up nutritionally? Now you can know! 

MyFitnessPal also tracks a variety of additional healthy behaviors like activity and water.

Visit the website or download the Apple iOS or Android App.


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