Inside Out Cabbage Rolls


Cook your cabbage roll casserole overnight in the crockpot.


1.5 cups lentils dry
1.5 cups garbanzo beans dry
3 cups water
1 large onion diced
1 large bell peppers green, diced
1 cup carrots diced
1 10-oz can diced tomatoes with green chiles
1 cup vegetable broth low sodium
1 8-oz can tomato sauce no sodium added
1 cup bulgur wheat dry
2 tablespoons Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon salt or as needed
1 6-oz can tomato paste
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup cheddar cheese reduced fat, shredded
1 head green cabbage diced in 1 inch cubes


Soak lentils and chickpeas for 4 hours prior to throwing in the crockpot. Place in colander and rinse all soaking water off. Then add to crockpot.

Dice bell pepper, onions, and carrots.

Dice up your cabbage. Heat olive oil in a large skillet and toss in cabbage. Add 1 can of tomato sauce, 1 tablespoon italian seasoning, 7 cloves of garlic minced, diced bell pepper, diced onions, and diced carrots. Saute until veggies are soft, about 25 minutes.

Add to the crockpot with the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Sprinkle top of casserole with cheese.


Turn crockpot on low and cook for 8 hours (or overnight), or on high to cook for 4 hours.


To cook on the stovetop, simply add the rest of the the ingredients after veggies have softened. Cook until the beans and lentils are done, about one hour. Sprinkle cheese on top when casserole is finished.

Nutritional data

Yield: 10 Servings

Serving Size: 2 cups

Calories 340 | Fat 5g | Sodium 550mg | Total Carbs 60g | Dietary Fiber 16g | Protein 17g


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