Salmon or Bean Patty Lunch


For our last meal this week we’re going to be using the food processor again as well as give you the option to use the panini press.

For the salmon patties, you’ll want to chop up the salmon in the food processor. Move to a bowl, mix with the rest of the ingredients and then cook in a large skillet over medium heat.

Warm up the panini press and spray with olive oil. Spread out the zucchini slices and close the press. Cook until lightly browned.

Our salmon patty plate features 1 cup quinoa, ½ cup pressure cooker black beans, 1 salmon patty, and 1 small grilled zucchini. That’s a total of 522 calories and 15g of fiber.

If you’re vegetarian, make the black bean patties instead of the salmon patties. This plate will be 507 calories and 17g of fiber.

Recipes for Salmon Patty/Bean Patty Lunch

Salmon Patties

Black Bean Patties

Pressure Cooker Beans

Grilled Zucchini

To grill the zucchini, set your panini press on a medium setting, spray with olive oil and spread out zucchini slices on the grill. Close the grill and cook until zucchini starts to brown. About 5-7 minutes.


Cook 1 cup of dry quinoa according to package directions.

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