Simple Fiber Addition Recipes

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Sheet pan of roasted vegetables

Adding water-fiber foods doesn’t have to be complicated – focus on filling 75% of the plate with fruits, vegetables, beans, and cooked whole grains. The best part? You get to pick the ones you like.

Here are some simple ways to add fiber to your plates without elaborate recipes.

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Winter Fruit Salad

Seasonal, frozen, and canned fruits make a simple fruit salad easy to toss together for mealtime. Enjoy a cup of this before the meal, like the Fiber First Challenge, or as a fiber sweet treat for dessert.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Once upon a time, I never thought I'd love these wonderful little cabbages, but I do! It depends on how they are cooked, so give foods a second or third try before you throw them out of your life...they may become a favorite.

Roasted Veggies

Roasting a pan of vegetables is an easy way to get many veggies on my plate simultaneously. Vegetables are something I have to try harder to add to my meals, so I've become a big fan of roasting. And the flavor is outstanding!

Black Beans

I do not always cook beans from scratch. I like how you can find them canned and frozen for easy additions, but I do like the texture of beans cooked from scratch on the stovetop, crockpot, or pressure cooker. If you're feeling adventurous, do this black bean recipe. They also freeze wonderfully to be used later in other dishes or as an easy side.

Brown Rice

There are many ways to enjoy cooked whole-grain brown rice. You can even find it in your grocery store's freezer section now. 😲 This video shows you various options and a delicious Cilantro Lime Brown Rice recipe.

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