Tasty Barley Recipes

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Plate with cooked barley

Whole grain barley is a particularly rich source of fiber, manganese, and selenium. It's also a good source of copper, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1. Consuming barley can reduce hunger and promote fullness, making it easier to lose weight. The fiber found in barley has been associated with improved digestion and the prevention of gallstones. Here are 5 recipes to help you eat more barley.

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How to Cook Barley

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Serve barley with a side of roasted veggies. Grilled chicken or tofu work well as the 25% part of your plate.

75% fiber foods – barley, parsley, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, squash, zucchini
25% foods – oil, chicken/tofu

Barley and Kale Breakfast Bowl

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Enjoy this savory breakfast bowl. If you don't eat eggs, try scrambled tofu instead. Berries would finish off breakfast nicely.

75% fiber foods – barley, kale, berries
25% foods – egg

Easy Barley Vegetable Soup

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Serve this soup with your favorite whole grain bread as the 25% part of the meal.

75% fiber foods – barley, onion, carrot, celery, garlic, cannellini beans, baby spinach
25% foods – olive oil

Tuscan Bean and Barley Salad

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Pack this salad for lunch at the office. A ripe persimmon would make for a nice dessert.

75% fiber foods – barley, chickpeas, navy beans, parsley, tomato, bell pepper, green onion, garlic, fresh basil, persimmon
25% foods – dressing

Recipe Note: Use only enough dressing to flavor the salad, as it is very high in fat. 

Roasted Vegetable Barley Bowl

Make it a Full Plate Meal: Assemble the bowl as directed in the recipe.

75% fiber foods – barley, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, carrots, red beets, shallots, cilantro, parsley, garlic
25% foods – olive oil, dressing

Recipe Note: Use 1 tablespoon of olive oil for the vegetables since there are 120 calories in just one tablespoon of oil. Add only enough dressing for your tastebuds to keep the fat at healthy levels in this recipe. 

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