Workshop: Favorite Summertime Recipes with Trish Smith

healthy lifestyle workshop
fresh vegetables on cutting board

With farmers' markets brimming with produce this time of year, summertime meals are both colorful and delicious.

In this workshop, Lifestyle Medicine Facilitator Trish Smith invites us to her kitchen, where she demonstrates how to create her favorite summertime lunch dishes—bright, batchable, and family-friendly.

Since choosing to consume a fiber-rich diet, Trish has lost 80 pounds and is a proud advocate for the benefits of a plant-forward lifestyle. As a certified facilitator and instructor, she has assisted individuals with weight loss and helped them improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and HbA1c numbers related to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Full Plate Living is a small-step approach with big health outcomes. It's provided as a free service of Ardmore Institute of Health.

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