Fiber On The Menu: IHOP

Finding slimming meals at restaurants can be a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack at times. So our team took to the road and visited 5 eating establishments where we photographed some sample “good idea” meals.

IHOP was the first restaurant we visited, and with good reason. We started our day with breakfast!

IHOP Fiber Finds

Here are our 3 favorite meals. They are all under 600 calories and feature more than 6g of fiber per plate.

3 Simple & Fit Seasonal Fresh Fruit Crepes

This meal featured fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, and 2 crepes. We didn’t have to change anything about this meal. It was perfect the way it came. And equally delicious. 580 calories, 7g fiber

Simple & Fit Vegetable Omelet with Fresh Fruit


This omelet featured spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. This meal was ordered straight off of the menu and we were happy with the way it was created. 320 calories, 8g fiber

Simple & Fit Blueberry Harvest Grain 'N Nut(R) Combo

The whole grain pancakes had actual blueberries in them and fresh bananas on top. However, we felt the meal needed a little fiber boost, since a lot of it came from a pancake batter - not a superfood. We requested a saute of spinach and broccoli, and added it to the scramble. It was absolutely mouthwatering. 600 calories, 12g fiber

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