Fiber On The Menu: Pei Wei Asian Diner

We had absolutely no trouble finding superfoods at Pei Wei and were so seduced by all the bright colors and delicious smells we ended up eating a late lunch there. What we did have trouble with, was limiting the amount of meals to create.

Pei Wei Asian Diner is the "cafe" version of PF Chang's, and it is owned by the same company. The nutritional information was literally a book, and a few things became very clear upon closer inspection:

  1. All entrees come with 2 servings. So if you eat the entire plate, be sure you double the nutritional information. Better yet, share with a friend, or pack up half for lunch the next day.
  2. The fiber increased dramatically in each dish when vegetables and tofu were chosen, rather than beef or chicken. Since tofu doesn't have fiber, choosing veggies with the chicken or beef will most likely give you a similar effect (though the calories may be different).

Pei Wei Fiber Finds

Edamame Appetizer

Steamed edamame are such a simple way to boost your fiber at this, and other Asian cuisine establishments. 160 calories, 9g fiber

Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls

These are a better option than the spring rolls, because they're not fried. Each roll counts as 1 serving. 160 calories, 1g fiber

Minced Chicken with Cool Lettuce Wraps

Though lettuce wraps are listed as an appetizer, we opted to make a full meal out of them by pairing half of the chicken (2 wraps) with a serving of brown rice and a large helping of steamed veggies. 440 calories, 8g fiber

Thai Dynamite with Vegetables and Tofu

This meal is served exactly the way it comes from the kitchen, all we did was break it down into two servings. This is also my favorite meal at Pei Wei and looking at the nutritional information definitely encouraged me to continue getting it. 280 calories, 6g fiber

Chicken Dan Dan Noodles

We split the order of Dan Dan Noodles in two and added a serving of vegetables to it. Not only did it make the meal more appetizing, it tasted better too. 425 calories, 5g fiber

A big thanks to our members for prompting us to show you more examples.

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